Our schools

  • Special School of Kaisariani

    Special Education School of Kaisariani «Rosa Imvrioti» was a project that filled us with joy and genuine excitement. There was much to be...
  • 64th Elementary school of Athens

    We started our work for the 64th Primary School of Athens in the Metaxourgion area with nothing more than paints, brushes, organization and cleaning...
  • 32nd Elementary school of Athens

    It took four weeks of volunteer work; lots of paint and an articulating boom lift to complete the works at the 32nd Elementary School of Athens...
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Our philosophy

We are a group of people who believe that our public school system enriches experiences, shapes values, nurtures characters and provides knowledge to the pupils who will one day form our society. Our mission is to upgrade the environment in which they grow up and study by mobilizing the community around them. A public school’s community is made up of its pupils, their teachers, their parents as well as the neighborhood around it. Our job as Ergotaxio is to provide materials and equipment that public schools need to upgrade their infrastructure. In return, we ask that the community, which surrounds these pupils, complete the required work. All of us have something to offer. All of us can participate in turning our school into a pleasant and functional environment. Some will offer their expert professional work, other will help us tidy up, but our effort will be communal and we will all be proud of it. Our goal is not to replace the role of the state. Our mission is to mobilize every neighborhood around its public school to get to embrace it and make it its own. Our communal work can change the environment in our schools and enrich the experience of pupils. It teaches all of us who participate, and specially the young pupils, that we have the power to improve the conditions we live in, we can, through communal work, offer something of importance to society and that everyone can contribute in changing our life for the better. Mostly, we all get to respect our living environment by learning to appreciate, respect, and love all that we have participated in changing. And that together we can do a lot more than any of us can do on their own.

Our sponsors

  • Interweave Agency
    Digital branding and marketing services

    Mikonos 1, GR-10554 Athens
    Τ: +30 2103255520

    Law partnership

    9 Neofytou Vamva str.,
    4 Kapsali str.,
    10674, Athens
    Τ: +30 2103380000
    F: +30 2103380020

  • Antemisari Nurseries
    Landscape Architecture

    Ag. Dimitriou 209,
    17343, Ag. Dimitrios- Athens
    Τ: +30 210 9761024
    F: +30 210 9756300
    E: thodoris@antemisaris.gr

    Knobs, Locks, Bathroom Items

    Vissis 14,
    10551, Athens
    Τ: +30 210 3214107
    E: sideris.j1@gmail.com

  • Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola S.c.

    Via Vittorio Veneto 13,
    40026 Imola (Bo),
    Bologna, Italy

  • Ideal Standard Athens
    Bathroom Items

    Mesogeion Avenue 265,
    Ν. Psychico, Athens
    Τ: +30 210 6790880- 882
    E: showroomathens@idealstandard.com

  • Kgraikis E.P.E.
    Technical Company

    11th Lane Athens 4,
    24100 Kalamata
    Τ: 27210 92123
    F: 27230 28323
    E: kgraikis@hotmail.com

  • Druckfarben Greece

    Megaridos Avenue, Kallistiri
    19300 Aspropyrgos
    Τ: +30 210 5519500
    F: +30 210 5519501
    E: paints.info@druckfarben.gr

  • apleton Papagiannopoulos Bros
    Architectural Lighting

    Kapodistriou 20,
    14671 Nea Erythraia- Athens
    Τ: +30 210 8000567
    F: +30 210 6204769
    E: papag@apleton.com.gr

  • J+C A.T.E.K.
    Construstion Team
    Pigis 1B, 145 78 Kifisia
    Τ: +30 210 8133002
    F: +30 210 8137327

  • Yannis Skaltsas, assistant professor
    Christos Artemis and Michalis Kiousis, Fine Arts students

    9 Pontou str, 115 28 Athens
    Τ:+30 210 7473464
    F:+30 210 7473465

  • Dardoumas Group
    Moves & Transports

    Adrianupoleos 20, Imittos, Athens
    Τ: 210 6628410
    F: 210 7515659
    E: xpressh@otenet.gr

  • Marina Sfakianaki
    Exclusive Interiors

    16, Charitos & Loukianou Streets 10675 KOLONAKI, ATHENS
    T: +30 210 7240555
    F: +30 210 7240002
    E: operations@sfakianakis.com.gr

  • Mitras Architectural Metalwork
    3rd km of Leof. Varis Koropiou
    19400 Koropi
    T: 210 6022200
    F: 210 6022203
    E: info@mitras.gr

  • Kinoussis
    Door & Window Framing

    1st km of Leof. Lavriou – Souniou, 19 500 Lavrio
    Τ: 22920 22300
    F: 22920 24750
    E: info@kinoussis.gr

    Curtain Tailoring

    Artemonos 92,
    172 37 Dafni
    Τ: 210 7518980
    F: 210 9702133
    E: katerina.kremida@gmail.com

  • Afoi Sofi
    Furniture Production

    Kalyvia Thorikou,
    19010 ATTICA
    Τ: 22990 49177
    F: 22990 49177
    E: loukaspippas@me.com

  • I want to help

Ergotaxio expresses its gratitude towards all our sponsors, without whom we would never be able to support any school.

“We mobilize our neighborhood, we support our schools.”

Public Schools of Athens

“We mobilize our neighborhood, we support our schools”

Public Schools constitute the fundamental cornerstone of our society: it is the first place where mist of our children come into contact with their community society; it is the environment in which they develop their personalities and receive their education.

It is our obligation to protect and support schools through collective action and whatever contribution we can each afford.

We mobilize our neighborhoods, we gather at our schools and work towards making it them more functional as well as more beautiful. We paint, we tidy up, we clean the classrooms and surrounding area, all the while, having a great time.

I want to help!

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