32nd Elementary school of Athens

on Oct 29

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It took four weeks of volunteer work; lots of paint and an articulating boom lift to complete the works at the 32nd Elementary School of Athens.
It is located in Aristotelous Str. and from our first visit we realized that one of the major issues of this school is the small schoolyard. We decided to paint the 20m high wall of the schoolyard in order to create a more warm and pleasant environment for the students.
The Athens School of Fine Arts supported our effort. Fine Arts students, Christos Artemis and Michalis Kiousis, along with their teacher Yannis Skaltsas, met students from the 32nd E.S. for the first time in June in order to discuss design ideas. Painting commenced in the beginning of September and took 4 weeks to complete. The students are very happy with the final result and cannot wait for Christos and Michalis to help them paint a remaining part of the wall.
Construction at the 32nd Elementary School was competed with the installation of an awning above the drinking fountains located in the schoolyard.
Athens 32nd Elementary School sponsors are: The Athens School of Fine Arts, Dardoumas Group, Arka Synthesis and J+C Α.Τ.Ε.Κ.

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