64th Elementary school of Athens

on Oct 20

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We started our work for the 64th Primary School of Athens in the Metaxourgion area with nothing more than paints, brushes, organization and cleaning supplies.

We had many tasks to prepare and many jobs to do, but our effort was tireless; with the help of the locals and the school community, we have achieved great improvements.

During our work there, we have rebuilt the closets inside the classrooms, replaced damaged tiles in the library, and renovated the reading space in order for the children to enjoy their books.

One of the most significant contributors to our efforts was Mr. Philippos Kegkos, who inspired students and their parents to become part of our cause. So, on 31st of May, Ergotaxio, along with the local community and the children, contributed in the making of the new library and had fun while doing it.

In the weeiks that followed the end of the project, we held a small gathering for all who have participated – volunteers, students or sponsors, without their help this project would not be possible.

Project Duration: 20/01 until 31/05.

Sponsors of the 64th Elementary school of Athens: Druckfarben Ελλάς, apleton Papagiannopoulos Bros, Kgraikis E.P.E., Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola S.c.

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