Special School of Kaisariani

on Feb 24

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Special Education School of Kaisariani «Rosa Imvrioti» was a project that filled us with joy and genuine excitement. There was much to be accomplished, but armed with courage, we began operations straight away.

We first began by renovating the classrooms and the storage rooms. After that, we replaced the sinks inside the classrooms and placed new locks, curtains and carpets. In order to facilitate children’s access to the school, we built a ramp by the internal staircase. We also built and painted a fence that was placed around the school.

Our job, of course, was not done until even the smallest detail had been fixed, so we reorganized and cleaned the classrooms, the storage rooms and the area surrounding the building. All of this would not be possible without the Municipality of Kaisariani’s help.

Finally, in order to celebrate the completion of our work, we created a small garden where students may learn about fresh fruits and vegetables while having fun at the same time.

Project Duration: 20/4/14 until 29/5/14.

Sponsors of Special Education School of Kaisariani «Rosa Imvrioti» are: J+C A.T.E.K, Marina Sfakianaki, Katerina Kremida, Ideal Standard, AFOI SIDERI O.E., Antemisari Nurseries.